Wood is a natural material, and outdoor woodwork, which is influenced by the elements of nature all year round, requires the right care to be able to stay healthy and strong for many years. At decor colors, we emphasize the interplay between the product and the material. We recommend linseed oil paint for the treatment of outdoor woodwork, as the paint, rather than providing a cosmetic, closed film, cooperates with the substrate. The oil in the paint penetrates and expands in the wood and the pigments protect against the refracting rays of light. Subsequent maintenance is simple. If the paint starts to look dull after a few years, you coat it with linseed oil varnish and the color comes to life again. Due to the paint's unsurpassed ability to cooperate with its substrate, linseed oil painted surfaces are not visible. The wood must be clean and dry before starting to paint. Old loose paint is removed and the surface is sanded and cleaned. Untreated wood is pre-treated with pure linseed oil, if necessary. added fungicide (fungicide)

window painted with linseed oil paint

The moisture of the wood

Before painting outdoor woodwork, it is important that the wood is not too damp. As you know, water and oil do not mix and if the wood is filled with moisture, it cannot absorb oil. The moisture content of the wood must not exceed approx. 15%. If you are unsure whether the wood is dry enough to paint on, it is best to check the moisture of the wood with a moisture meter before painting. Raw wood is beautiful and can appear almost seductive with its vibrant pattern and at times contrasting expressions.

Linseed oil treatment

Raw wood can be cared for and surface treated with various products, so that you maintain the wood's natural grace, bring veining and structure in the wood more clearly, while protecting it from wear and moisture. The treatment options are as numerous as the types of wood. Whether you need to oil your kitchen worktop, bring new glow and life to an old piece of furniture or give the freshly polished plank floor varnish. In the Shop, you can see how the different surface treatments look on selected types of wood before you decide.

Colored Oil for wood


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