Soap Pieces

Soap Pieces

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Soap Pieces 400g



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Soap Pieces 


With a fat percentage of approx. 80%


Recommended for linoleum, untreated and varnished wooden floors, tiles, terrazzo etc. As finishing treatment of lye-treated surfaces. Untreated wooden furniture in e.g. pine and oak is best cleaned and maintained with soapy water.



approx. 15 g soap shavings per 10 l. Water.



The soap is thoroughly whipped in warm water. The soapy water is applied with a cloth or sponge in an appropriate amount depending on the type of surface. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then wipe with a soft damp cloth. After repeated treatments of wooden surfaces, the surface will become dirt-repellent. A protective "oily membrane" will be formed.


Paint code: 00-1.

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