Gum arabic powder

gum arabic powder

Gum Arabic


Gum arabic (plant gum) is a natural acidic carbohydrates (polysaccharides) that are secreted and after drying are collected from certain types of acacia trees growing primarily in Africa.


Aqueous solutions of powdered Gummi arabicum are used i.a. as a stabilizer for certain types of emulsions, for the production of aroma powders and as a binder, e.g. in (including ink, ink and) watercolor paints.


To make a watercolor, dissolve Gummi arabicum in warm water, and subsequently filter for impurities. This gives an adhesive solution that binds the color. To this glue solution is added glycerin and sugar or honey to make the color soft to work with and easier to dissolve in water.


Compatibility with pigment/colors

Can be used with all colors.



Gum arabic should be stored dry and cool.



Gum arabic is described as non-toxic.

Gum arabic powder

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