Our shop and workshop is located in Vendersgade 5 st. entrance via the corner. Here we sell our products such as natural paint, linseed oil paint, lime paint & color pigments. It takes about 20 minutes to mix a color, depending on how busy the store is. We are open from Monday to Friday from 10-17.30 and Saturday from 10-15.



We make most of our own products "in house" so to speak. For example, we produce our own linseed oil paint as well as wall and ceiling paint (Natural Paint). We are born experimental and love to have our fingers completely down the substance, ‘’so to speak’’. We are constantly testing new ideas and old techniques, which means that we are constantly getting wiser. We all come from vastly different backgrounds and with different expertise in our backpack. The common denominator, however, is that we love working with colors and aesthetics.

Shop Valse

Logo Kursuslokaler

On the ground floor we have an exhibition and presentation of our products, workshop and sales. Downstairs we have arranged as a course room, where we hold courses of various kinds. Read more about this at decor-atelier.dk