Verdello wall paint

Verdello is the newest member of our range of sustainable paints. It is produced in Luxembourg & all raw materials are sourced within Europe's borders on the principle of protecting the environment most by using the nearest available resources. The paint is the result of 2 years of work from one of the more established paint manufacturers in Europe, and it is cradle 2 cradle certified.

The paint has an elegant light shower, lime matte look, is 100% biological & extremely odor neutral. After hardening, the surface is very durable & fully washable. The paint is suitable for all rooms in the home where there is greater wear. It is also suitable for institutions, schools, clinics, etc., where a durable and washable surface is desired.

Verdello White, is not white-white, but appears very slightly a yellow shade.
The paint does not contain MI or any kind of VOC.

Type: water-based oil-emulsion paint

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