Shop space for rent


We are looking for a tenant for the store's best/most visible room. There is talk of the room which is located on the corner of Vendersgade and Linnésgade, diagonally opposite the market halls. It is the first room in the store, when you enter. But this also means that we share the entrains, and that our customers also are potential customers for you.


As mentioned the room shares the entrance to the hold with us. The room is approx. 35m2, and it may be possible also to get some small storage space and a small office space. The price is NOK 8000-9000 ex VAT per Month. Depending on which agreement we reach. The price is "all inclusive", that is electricity, heat and internet. Contact us for further information if this has piqued your interest. ATTENTION! The room are not rented out for food/coffee sales or the like. The room are best suited for showrooms, retail sales or similar. The room can be taken over within a short time.


Call 31211363 on all weekdays between 10am and 5pm to find out more. Or come by the store for a chat.


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shop space for rent

Shop space for rent

Shop spar for rent