Masonry is exposed to all kind of weather all year round, and must stay healthy and strong to be resilient and have along lifespand. Decorfarver has a number of different products for exterior facade treatment. Silicate paint and lime paint each in their own way keep the masonry healthy by leaving the surface open to diffusion, so that any moisture can escape the substrate rather than damaging the masonry behind a closed paint film. Both types of treatment are constantly used on a large scale in both old and new houses all over the country due to the excellent ability to work with the substrate, the subsequent strength and flexibility of the surface, and not least due to the beautiful, matte expression of the paints.

Lime painted facade



Lime has been used on buildings since ancient times and liming is today the oldest of the methods still used on plastered facades. In the middle of the 19th century, the limestone was almost without competition in Copenhagen. The lime is the most diffusion-open façade solution and therefore has particularly valuable building and indoor climate benefits. Lime paint is user-friendly and cheap, and is suitable for both new and old construction. Lime is alkaline and is therefore resistant to the development of mold, which is why it also finds formidable use indoors in, for example, basement areas or areas with elevated humidity. At decor colors, we sell the renowned chalk paint from St. Astier, which consists of air-curing lime and pure, mineral pigments.


Silicate paint


The silicate paint was invented in Germany in the 19th century and is today one of the strongest and most popular facade solutions. The silicate reacts with the underlying wall and fossils to a particularly weather-resistant surface that does not close the surface. This means that the wall is still open to diffusion, so that moisture can be absorbed and released through the surface, even if rain does not penetrate. We work closely with the manufacturer KEIM, which has roots all the way back to the inventor of silicate paint, A.W. Keim, who developed the original product in the 1870s. Keim's colors are lightfast, so they retain their color year after year.


Which facade solution you should choose depends on the existing substrate. Call, email or come into the store and we will talk about your options and hear what our affiliated consultants from Keim recommend for your particular project.

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