Methylcellulose / Paint glue


Methylcellulose / Paint glue


Paint glue is used for the production of e.g. Glue color /distemper. Here comes a manufacturing method to make your own glue color.


Glue color consists of a color/pigment paste and a glue solution.


The pigment is soaked with water in a 1:1 ratio, i.e. for example 1 kg of pigment to 1 liter of water. With some pigments, more water is added if, for example, oxide yellow becomes very thick. The mixture must stand overnight, so that all the pigment grains are saturated with water, before it is thoroughly stirred the next day.


The glue solution itself is mixed in a ratio of 1 part methylcellulose/painting glue to 25 parts water.


Pour 100 g of painter's glue into a completely clean bucket and fill it with 2.5 l of water. Then let the adhesive stand until it is completely clear and without lumps.


Pigment paste and glue solution are now mixed in a 1:1 ratio.

Add water until the consistency is good and ready to iron. Approx. like yogurt.


Leave a small amount of glue solution and color paste, respectively, so that you can adjust the mixture after a test smear on the wall. If it is too glossy, add more pigment and if it rubs off a lot, add more glue.


1 liter of pre-mixed glue color is sufficient for approx. 6-8 m2 and applied 1-2 times. The drying time is approx. 2 hours per layer.

Methylcellulose / Paint glue

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