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Natural wall paint

Natural paint is a classic water-based oil emulsion paint, which has its origin in old paint recipes and since the 1980s it has been produced in a more updated version. The paint is reminiscent of a composition paint, tempera or an oil-reinforced glue paint. The paint is suitable for living rooms, children's rooms, offices, living rooms, etc., which are exposed to normal wear and tear. The paint is easily washable after curing (approx. 3 weeks).

The composition of the paint provides a beautiful, light-textured, vibrant, lime-matte surface, which makes the paint popular with both private and professional painters who want a beautiful and sustainable quality paint that covers well and is easy to work with. Not least because price and quality can compete with conventional paints, which do not have the special environmentally and indoor climate-friendly properties.

The paint is open to diffusion, so your walls can "breathe." That is, moisture can be absorbed into the paint layer and by ventilation released again and transported out of the room. Just as any moisture can escape from the substrate and pass through the paint. It reduces the risk of moisture accumulation behind seemingly fine layers of paint with the risk of mold formation and subsequent development of asthma and allergies.

The paint is available in the three white varieties; White, White extra, Natural white and as primer. The paint is also available in many colors. Read more about this under Natural paint in colors.

The paint is fully declared and does not contain MI (methylisothiazolinone) or any form of VOC.

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Natural Paint

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