NHL St. Astier

Lime paint from St. Astier is suitable both inside and out. Lime is air-purifying, slightly bactericidal, extremely open to diffusion and therefore helps to improve the indoor climate in the home. It contains only pure, air-curing lime and natural, mineral pigments. It can be painted on lime, cement, plaster, plaster, or fine plaster, sand-filled surfaces, base paper, brick, aerated concrete blocks, concrete or emulsion paint. The paint is extremely suitable for raw, plastered surfaces, and gives a beautiful. soft and vibrant expression. The colors are made from French earth colors (oxides), which contain neither chemicals nor additives. The lime paint is available in 24 colors.

Be aware that screen reproduction of a color may diverge from the actual experience of the color. The colors are indicated by NCS codes, so you can find the color in an NCS color range

The paint does not contain MI or any kind of VOC.

NHL St. Astier

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