St. Astier Lime-Paint 2010-Y30R / 5 L

St. Astier Lime-Paint 2010-Y30R / 5 L

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S 2010-Y30R / 5 L
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St. Astier lime from the NHL

With a history dating back to antiquity, lime is not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most traditional and proven treatments available. The lime can be used both outside and inside. When using lime on untreated surfaces, diffusion-open surfaces are obtained, which means that moisture can pass freely through the paint layer instead of being trapped behind it. Lime is also air-purifying and has antibactericidal properties. The lime therefore not only protects your building materials, but also ensures a good indoor climate. A lime-whitewashed surface changes expression with the changing moisture content of masonry and air, and gives the masonry its beautiful, characteristic changes.

The lime can be ordered in a transparent or a more opaque version. Where the opaque requires fewer workflows, the transparent version gives the particularly desirable patinated expression.

Lime is a natural product without additives. It does not contain MI or any form of VOC. The lime is tinted with iron oxides for approx. 24 standard colors. If you want special NCS colors, Please contact us.


The lime can bind on the following substrates: Lime, silicate paint, cement, plaster, plaster incl. fine plaster, sand trowel, base paper, brick, concrete, emulsion paint and untreated wood.

If you are in doubt about whether the lime can bind, you can test the substrate's absorbency with a little water. If it bounces off instead of soaking in, the paint can’t bind and a greater sanding work is necessary to obtain a suitable matt substrate.

The surface must be clean and free of loose lime. Algae, soil, oil stains must be washed off.

Before application

The lime must be added to water to become a ready-to-use paint. The lime paint from the NHL comes in buckets with detailed marking of water volume. First, add half of the water and whisk it all together well. Then add the rest of the water up to the marked line on the bucket and stir again. The paint is best left to stand for 24 hours before use. Before starting work, stir the lime thoroughly again.


The surface is well watered before the work begins. If the surface is too dry, the lime will be hard and heavy to draw. The agitated lime paint is applied with a long-haired brush of natural hair. The lime is worked on in one uninterrupted workflow, so that visible transitions are avoided (paint wet over wet, not wet over dryed). Take one surface at a time, paint from corner to corner, or edge to edge. Paint in thin layers, either in cross strokes, or in long unbroken strokes from top to bottom. The more layers, the stronger the surface.


6-12 M2 / liter. Apply in 2-4 layers.

Drying time

The lime should dry 12 hours between coats.


00-3 Protect eyes and skin during work!


Wear goggles and gloves during work. Lime is alkaline and therefore corrosive. If you get it on the skin, rinse immediately after with plenty of water.

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Specific References


Teknisk Data: NHL Kalkmaling

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