Stucco plaster

Stucco plaster

Stucco plaster

Gypsum is a naturally occurring, white mineral color (gypsum), which consists of approx. 20% crystal water. Unburnt gypsum is typically used as an additive, especially for colored earth and mineral colours. If the plaster is heated to 120-130°, the plaster gives off ¾ of its water of crystal and you get the so-called "burnt" plaster, which has typically been used for interior plaster repairs and repair of cracks, e.g. in walls, as well as for various castings. When gypsum is mixed with water, it absorbs its "water of crystal" again and hardens into a solid mass. The special feature of stucco plaster is that it is fired at 150-180° and has a rapid hardening when added to water.



For interior repairs in plaster and masonry. Layer thickness 5-50mm.


Miscibility with other colors

Can be mixed with all colors.



Can be used with all binders, except silicate bases such as water glass, where it forms insoluble calcium silicate.



Non-toxic. However, it is recommended to use a dust mask.

Stucco plaster

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