Who are we and what makes us a little different from so many other color shops.


We strive to develop and sell sustainable, environmentally friendly products for surface treatment inside and out. Our selection is wide and we also produce some of the products ourselves. We are curious about the profession, and none of us are trained 'colour dealers', but we have many years of experience of different qualities, and we use that as a foundation to run decor colors (formerly natural paint). Even with many years of experience and education under our belts, we are still learning new things about the profession.


Part of our philosophy is based on the artisanal traditions that we believe still have a place in our more modern society. Many of the old techniques and products can easily be implanted in modern construction. These are well-tested methods and products that have been used for centuries. The materials we use to build our houses often need to be able to breathe, this helps to extend their lifespan and thus the overall quality of the house.


With all the focus on sustainability and ecology in various guises, there should be more focus on what we paint our walls and ceilings with. This applies both at home and at work. After all, this is where we spend most of the time, a healthy indoor climate is basically what most of us strive for.


We ourselves have our hands in everything, from pigments, oil, binders and to the finished paint. Most of our colors are handmade, and we hand-tint all our own products in the shop's workshop while people wait or take a break in the market halls nearby in the meantime.


It is important to point out that there are no maintenance-free surfaces. Even a really thorough linseed oil paint treatment must be maintained over time. But the rule is that the more work you put into it at the start, the longer it takes before it needs to be maintained. A well-executed foundation is important for the further process.


Organic paint does not exist in our optics, there are sustainable, bio and nature-based surface products. But we think calling the paint 100% organic is misleading, even though some paints contain organic raw material & other bio products. The important thing for us is that the products are good for you, me and the environment in general.


We strive to develop and sell products, both for indoor and outdoor use, which are fully declared. We believe in transparency and that both as a professional painter and as a consumer you have the right to know exactly what specific products contain of chemicals and fillers. We also have allergy sufferers and sensitive people as customers. Not everyone we can help, but we make an effort to see if we can find a solution to the specific problem.


You can read more about the products here in our webshop, or you can visit our store at Nørreport, just next to torvehallerne and see what we have to offer. Vendergade 5, right on the corner.


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