Cold pressed linseed oil

The cold-pressed linseed oil can be applied in several ways. The most important thing is that before drying it is worked completely into the substrate. The oil can be applied in very thin layers with a brush with approx. 1-3 days drying time per. layer. You can also apply it in a fuller layer with a brush or a rubber spatula, let the wood soak for ½ hours, after which excess oil is removed with a lint-free cloth. Be aware that linseed oil cloths can self-ignite !!!!!




The wood must be raw, clean, dry and absorbent. The surface can also be cleaning with basic wood cleaner before treatment.




10-20 m2 / liter depending on the absorbency of the wood.


Drying time


1-3 days depending on the wood's absorbency and application technique.




Utensils used during work are cleaned in liquid brown soap and washed in warm water.


Shelf life


Cold-pressed linseed oil can last a very long time, as long as it is stored airtight and frost-free.




The product can be added siccative, fungicide & pigments.




Cloths used during work can be self-igniting !!! They must therefore either be packed airtight, spread out so that the heat can escape during drying or be destroyed. Linseed oil dries by oxygen uptake. In that process, heat is developed. If the heat cannot escape, such as from a crumpled cloth, it can ignite spontaneously.

Cold pressed linseed oil

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