Carrageenan / Irish mos

Carragenan Irlish mos

Carrageenan / Irish moss

Carrageenan is actually a lichen, or seaweed plant, which is typically collected along the coasts of eg Ireland, Scotland and in Canada and dried. It can also be found along the North Sea and by the Limfjord.


To extract glue from the dried seaweed, a decoction of the carrageenan is made. When boiled, a jelly-like glue with a slightly slimy consistency is obtained. After filtration, the glue is added to water-soaked chalk and this gives the so-called moss colour, which is typically used for ceilings.


Adhesive dye based on carrageenan as a binder has the weakest binding force of the binders used in the adhesive dye.


The advantage of the moss color is precisely the relatively weak bond, which partly means that the surface will appear very beautiful, uniformly matte with a very special, soft and vibrant, almost vibrating light, because the light is more allowed to work with the fabric itself, namely the chalk, rather than the surface of the binder.


On one hand, the relatively weak binding force means that the adhesive color is easy to wash down and repaint. Therefore, it is super suitable for old detailed stucco ceilings, where repeated treatments with eg plastic paint gradually hide the details of the stucco behind thick layers of paint, which are otherwise rather cumbersome to remove again.


On the piece itself, it is recommended to work with a diluted version of the glue paint, and possibly spray it on so that the fine details of the piece are not hidden on too thick layers of glue paint.


Another advantage lies in the slightly gelatinous consistency of the Carrageen decoction, which means that the color does not drip easily when working with it.


Adhesive paint based on carrageenan moss is not infectious and does not withstand too much touch, mechanical wear or water splashes.



Indoors on cleaned ceilings and surfaces that are not exposed to contact. The moss color should be painted on an absorbent bottom. The best starting point is plaster, base paper, planed or rough wood. If there are any residues of plastic or oil paint, they must be rough and absorbent. Glue paint cannot be used on damp surfaces.


Drying time

2-3 hours.


Compatibility with pigments/colours

Can be used with all colors, but is mainly used for whitewashing ceilings with chalk.



The carrageenan should be stored dry and in closed packaging. Stirred glue must be used within 1 week. Or put in the freezer.



The carrageenan is non-toxic.

Carrageenan / Irish mos

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