Sandberg wallpaper

Sandbjerg wallpaper is a Swedish wallpaper manufacturer, which is known for its good craftsmanship and its traditional wallpaper art. The range of wallpapers covers the whole spectrum from the classic to the modern. The inspiration is often taken from Sweden's landscape and nature, from the northern lights over the archipelago along the coast to the deep forests in Småland. But also historical patterns from Sandbjerg's archives form the basis for the development of contemporary and timeless designs.

Sandberg is a supplier to the Swedish court. 

Nippon_Sandberg_Tapet Arv_Sandberg_tapet
Ett_Hem_Sandberg_tapet Familj_2_Sandberg_tapet
L'Hotel_Sandberg_tapet Löfstad_Sandberg_Tapet

Sandberg wallpaper

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