Pure & original

If you are into lime paint with style and finesse, Pure & Original is a good choice. Pure & Original is available in three variants: Fresco, Marrakesh and Classico.


Fresco & Marrakesh are effect paints that change expression depending on how much you dilute it and how you apply it. You can use a brush, roller or putty knife, depending on temperament. Regardless of the application method, the surface will appear slightly uneven and with a natural shade play in the chosen color. It is excellent for, for example, decorating a single wall in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Pure & Original wall paint

Fresco and Marrakech do not contain MI or any form of VOC.

Classico is actually a conventional plastic paint applied to chalk, which makes the surface appear very matte. The Classico dries up completely evenly without any changes in the surface and is available in very dark colors. The classic is for the aesthetically oriented customer who does not have the great indoor climate considerations. Classico is the only plastic paint we sell.

Pure & Original fresco

We mix most colors from Pure & Original on site, but in some cases delivery can be expected up to 10 days. Classico in 10 liters, there is always extra delivery time.


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Pure & original

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