Tonkin Varnish / Le Tonkinois

Tonkin Varnish / Le Tonkinois

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Tonkin varnish - High gloss varnish



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Tonkin lacquer


Tonkin lacquer is a linseed oil-based high-gloss lacquer which has a history dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The paint is robust, hard-wearing and very durable. Due to its elastic properties, it is very suitable as an indoor floor varnish as well as ship's varnish and other wood coverings inside and outside that are exposed to wear, wind and weather. The varnish has a good adhesion and works together/moves together with the wood, which means that the varnish does not crack or peel off, even if the wood is exposed to e.g. temperature changes and moisture.


An emissions test has been carried out which shows that when the Tonkin varnish has fully cured (approx. 1 week) there is no further evaporation, and is therefore indoor climate friendly after curing.




The varnish must be applied in thin layers. This applies to all surfaces and especially floors. If the varnish feels too thick, it can be heated in a water bath, this makes it easier to apply the varnish in thin layers. Number of layers: Wood indoors 2 layers. Floors 2-3 layers (avoid stepping on the floor for the first 48 hours, avoid heavy loads for the first weeks).




Use a good brush made of natural hair, it gives the best result, it can draw out the varnish in a uniform, thin layer. Synthetic brushes are not suitable. Brushes are cleaned in concentrated liquid brown soap.




15-20 m2/l.


The lacquer has a high-gloss finish and appears slightly yellowish in shade.


Binds wood and metal inside and out.




Clean the surface, followed by a light sanding and applying a new layer of varnish. This is done at appropriate intervals.


MAL code 2-1. Can contain residual solvents.

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