Linseed Oil Paint - Oxide black

Linseed Oil Paint - Oxide black

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Linseed oil paint - Oxide black

For indoor or outdoor use


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There can be a big difference between how a color is represented on a swatch and how it is experienced in real life. This is important to keep in mind when choosing color.

Linseed oil paint

Linseed oil paint is a simply composed paint which consists of linseed oil, pigments, siccative (drying agent) and for outdoor use fungicide (fungicide) can be added. Our linseed oil paint contains no solvents.


Linseed oil paint is applied in 2-3 VERY thin layers. You should preferably work with such thin layers that the structure of the wood remains visible under the painted surface. White and light colors usually need three layers, whereas most darker colors cover with two layers.

Linseed oil dries by absorbing oxygen, whereby the paint expands by approx. 20%. If the paint is applied too thick, there is a risk of wrinkling. It is therefore important to paint very thin layers, - in this way you keep a reasonable drying time and, most importantly, you achieve the most beautiful result this way.

When using Linseed oil paint outdoors, the addition of a fungicide (fungicide) can reduce fungus formation (black spots on the surface).


The surface must be raw, clean and dry and free of dirt and algae. The moisture content of the wood must not exceed 15-18%.

For longer durability, we recommend priming the wood with cold pressed linseed oil, or crystal varnish before painting. For outdoor use possibly added fungicide.


When the painted surface becomes duller over time, the surface is brushed with linseed oil with added siccative (drying agent) or with a crystal varnish. In this way, both paint layers and woodwork are nourished and the color will regain its glow.

Range capability

12-18 m2 /litre depending on the wood's absorbency.

Drying time

approx. 24 hours depending on the layer thickness and the absorbency of the wood.

Cleaning of tools

Liquid brown soap (green soap) and water.

During shorter breaks (1-2 days) in the work process, you can put the brush in clean water (the water must cover the hairs completely) until work is resumed. It keeps the brush fresh, and you don't have to clean it after each layer of paint. Shake the water out of the brush, dry it free of water, and you are ready to paint.

Shelf life

Linseed oil paint has a long shelf life and can hardly get too old as long as it is stored frost-free in an oxygen-tight container.


Rags used during work can be self-igniting!!! They must therefore either be packed airtight, spread out so that the heat can escape during drying, or destroyed. Linseed oil dries by absorbing oxygen. In that process, heat is developed. If the heat cannot escape, such as from a crumpled cloth, it can spontaneously ignite.

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