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  • Paint with linseed oil paint
    Published : 12/08/2022 | Categories : How to , Oil & Varnish

    We have made this video, which describes how to work with linseed oil paint. It is easy to paint with linseed oil paint, once you have the technique in place. and followss a few important guidelines.

  • Wallpaper with a twist
    Published : 12/08/2022 | Categories : Projects

    I have only recently become interested and at the same time fascinated by wallpaper. In my own home, I have chosen to use them to, for example, decorate my doors with. And here are the result, enjoy.

  • Books about paint
    Published : 12/06/2022 | Categories : Books about paint

    We learn as long as we live.., Books and texts contain knowledge that can make us smarter and create greater professional knowledge. In this blog post I will review different books I can recommend.

  • Oil and pigment mill
    Published : 07/18/2021 | Categories : Oil & Varnish

    On a trip to Amsterdam, I went out and visited some of the few mills left that previously produced linseed oil and processed pigment. It was an educational and exciting excursion.

  • Paint and sustainability
    Published : 07/07/2021 | Categories : Natural Paint

    Logik og Co has made a number of films about sustainable construction. We were so lucky to be a part of on the short films they made. So take a look here. (only in danish)

  • Carrageenan paint
    Published : 06/09/2021 | Categories : How to

    Moss paint has previously been used primarily on ceilings. The paint is based on chalk and carrageenan, which is the binder. Using a decoction, you can filter out the binder and use it in paint.

  • ''The Red Cube''
    Published : 06/06/2021 | Categories : Oil & Varnish , Projects

    My very own build-your-own furniture in bamboo project, and red it must be! I decided to build a piece of furniture for our wallpaper books. I chose bamboo as the material beacuse it is very durable.

  • Oil treatment of untreated wood
    Published : 06/04/2021 | Categories : Oil & Varnish

    In this blog I will describe the procedure when you are going to treat un-treated wood with oil. And that is whether it is a neutral oil or a colored oil. It is very simple and straight forward.

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