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  • Oil and pigment mill
    Published : 07/18/2021 | Categories : Oil & Varnish

    On a trip to Amsterdam, I went out and visited some of the few mills left that previously produced linseed oil and processed pigment. It was an educational and exciting excursion.

  • Paint and sustainability
    Published : 07/07/2021 | Categories : Natural Paint

    Logik og Co has made a number of films about sustainable construction. We were so lucky to be a part of on the short films they made. So take a look here. (only in danish)

  • ''The Red Cube''
    Published : 06/06/2021 | Categories : Oil & Varnish , Projects

    My very own build-your-own furniture in bamboo project, and red it must be! I decided to build a piece of furniture for our wallpaper books. I chose bamboo as the material beacuse it is very durable.

  • Oil treatment of untreated wood
    Published : 06/04/2021 | Categories : Oil & Varnish

    In this blog I will describe the procedure when you are going to treat un-treated wood with oil. And that is whether it is a neutral oil or a colored oil. It is very simple and straight forward.

  • Are you nuts?
    Published : 02/23/2021 | Categories : Oil & Varnish

    Tonkin varnish, the wonder of the east. A varnish based on linseed oil and tung oil, cooked together into a golden clear, glossy and durable floor and ship varnish. It's a multi purposes varnish.