Tempera Ultramarin

Tempera Ultramarin

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Tempera Ultramarin

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We have a 30 day return policy. Tinted paint and wallpaper are an exception. They cannot be returned

NOTE! The paint has a short expiration date, so it must be used within 2-3 weeks after delivery. It is not preserved.

Tempera is a simple composed wall and ceiling paint that is usually very pigment saturated (colorful). It looks incredibly beautiful with its very matte look, which is due to the fact that it is light bound. This means that there is a minimum of binder in the paint. The pigment in the paint is at the very front of the paint layer, which gives a fantastic depth and often intense color effect. However, it also means that the paint is not very durable.


It can be applied either with a roller or brush depending on which expression you want.


It is water-based, and tool brushes and the like is cleaned in warm water.


The substrate on which the paint is applied must be matte, otherwise the paint will not adhere properly. If the substrate is glossy, sand it first.


It covers is approx. 8m2 per liter. Normally, you must always apply 2 coats to get a comprehensive and satisfactory result.


Dust dry after a few hours and can be repainted again after 4 hours. NOTE! The paint is first really hardened after 3-4 weeks.

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