Ultramarine Violet

Ultramarine Violet

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Ultramarine Violet (PV15)


Is a pigment with a clear, deep blue-purple tone. The pigment is a further development of the synthetically produced mineral color ultramarine, which the French chemist Guimet developed in 1828 as an alternative to the very exclusive and expensive mineral pigment produced by the stone Lapis Lazuli.


Ultramarine Violet is miscible with oil and water, but can be slightly unstable in calcareous solutions, so these should preferably be used on the day of production.




Approx. 4-5 on a scale (where 1 ring 8 is best)


Color power


Very good.


Miscibility with other colors


Can be mixed with all colors.




Can be used with all binders, but can be slightly unstable when left in calcareous solutions and cement, so these must be used the same day they are mixed


Areas of application


Used primarily indoors and especially for the production of artist colors.




The pigment is described as non-toxic. However, it is always advisable to use a dust mask when working with pigments.

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