Green a la Chaux

Green a la Chaux

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Green a la chaux Pigment 100 - 1000g



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Green a la Chaux (PG 7)


Green a la Chaux is a French produced, synthetically produced, organic pigment. The pigment belongs to the group of the so-called phthalocyanines, which are characterized by their clear blue and green colors as well as their great color power and opacity.


Green a la Chaux has a deep and clear blue-green color.


The phthalocyanine pigments are typically quite fine-grained and it is advantageous to process the pigment with a bit of the desired medium in a mortar or similar before further work with the color.


The pigment is light, water, - oil, - and calcareous.




4-5 (on a scale where are poor, 8 is best)


Color power


Very good.


Miscibility with other colors


Can be mixed with all other colors.




Can be used with all binders.


Areas of application


Can be used both indoors and outdoors and especially for artist colors.




The pigment is described as non-toxic. However, it is always advisable to use a dust mask when working with pigments.

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