Dark Oxide Red

Dark Oxide Red

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Dark Oxide Red 100g - 5000g  



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Dark oxide red


Oxide red colors are generally produced by annealing either natural or artificially produced ferrous ocher colors. Oxide red colors produced in this way can vary in tones from reddish to brownish to violet, depending on the temperature and duration of the annealing of the pigment. Dark oxide red is an artificially produced iron oxide pigment with a very deep and red-violet color. It is made by annealing red iron oxides at a temperature around 8-900 degrees. Dark oxide red is heavy and has a great tendency to precipitate in, for example, linseed oil paint.


The pigment is light, water, - oil, - and calcareous.




8 (on a scale where 1 is low, 8 is best)


Color power


Very good.






Miscibility with other colors


Can be mixed with all colors.




Can be used with all binders.


Areas of application


Can be used both indoors and outdoors.




The pigment is described as non-toxic. However, it is always advisable to use a dust mask when working with pigments.

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