Naturmaling - Pistacie

Naturmaling - Pistacie

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Natural Paint for wall & celling



We strive to deliver within 2-4 business days. NOTE! on wallpaper there is 7-14 days delivery time.


We have a 30 day return policy. Tinted paint and wallpaper are an exception. They cannot be returned

Be aware that there can be a big difference between how the color is represented on a screen and how it is experienced in real life. Keep this in mind when choosing a color. It is often darker on the screen than in reality.

Colored natural paint for wall and ceiling is toned with mineral pigments & plant colors and is available in a large selection of beautiful colors.

When painting with colored paint, it is important to paint wet in wet. Not wet over dry.

Tinted natural paint from decor colors is a matte, full-coverage, fully declared, diffusion-open, very mildly preserved, water-based oil emulsion paint. The paint has its origin in old recipes, but has been produced in a modernized version since the 80s. It has been tested at DTI (Danish Institute of Technology) for harmful degassing. The fact that the paint is open to diffusion means that water vapor can be absorbed into the paint layer and released again by ventilation. In this way, condensation and moisture accumulation behind painted surfaces are avoided, and the paint thus contributes to an improvement of the indoor climate in the home or workplace.

The paint does not contain MI, BIT, VOC or microplastics


The paint is applied with a brush, roller or spray gun in 2 layers. The paint binds on all matt, cleaned surfaces.


The surface must be clean of dirt, dust and grime. Newly plastered walls are primed with diffusion-open primers. Glossy surfaces must be sanded before painting.


Approx. 7-9 m2 / liter.



Drying time

The paint is surface dry and can be overpainted after 2 hours. The paint is hardened and achieves its final durability after 3 weeks.


Water (max. 5-10%).


Tools used during work are cleaned in water.


Approx. 4 months from date of purchase for cool, frost-free storage in original packaging.


Water, powdered marble, pigments, stand oil, rapeseed oil, cellulose glue. Colored natural paint is produced without the use of volatile solvents. Natural paint contains 0 g VOC / l. EU limit value for this product (cat A / a): 30g VOC / l (2010)

The product does NOT contain the preservative: MI (methylisothiazolinone).



Ton: A / NCS (vejl.) S 1510-G40Y
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