Iron vitriol

Iron vitriol

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Iron vitriol 100 - 5000g



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Iron vitriol


Iron vitriol (iron sulfate FeSO4), is not a pigment, but a water-soluble metal salt. The iron vitriol gets chemically in connection with lime and forms a yellow-orange, slightly flamed color effect depending on the moisture conditions in the masonry, and has a very special life that no other lime colors have.


Iron vitriol prevents algae growth and fouling on the facades and, according to experience, has a longer lifespan than other lime paints. Where other lime colors typically lighten over the years, the opposite happens with iron vitriol lime. It gets darker and more red-orange and rust colored as the years go by.

Due to its anti-fungal properties, iron vitriol is also used as an additive in dark mud colors.



The iron vitriol is mixed with milk of lime to make a ready-to-iron lime color for outdoor brickwork. The bottom is first brushed with a white chalk.


Weather resistance

Iron vitriol lime is estimated to last approx. 20-25 years.



Iron vitriol is described as non-toxic. But remember to use a mask when handling it. As it can irritate the mucous membranes.

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