Bone glue / Pearl glue

Bone glue / Pearl glue

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Bone glue / Pearl glue



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Bone glue / Pearl glue

Pearl glue is a binder and adhesive of animal origin. Pearl glue is also known as bone glue or carpentry glue. The glue is produced by a process in which bone waste, - typically animal bones, is crushed, cleaned and treated with steam, whereby the glue substance is released. The glue is then cleared by standing or filtering and dried in molds and finally granulated.

Pearl glue has a characteristic odor.


Can be used as a binder in glue paint, and for priming absorbent substrates, eg plaster before applying glue paint. Bone glue is also used for bookbinding, carpentry work in connection with furniture restoration. Pearl glue is not as strong as other types of glue and is typically used where you want to be able to dissolve the glue again. If the bead glue is used, for example as wood glue, it will be possible to separate the glued parts from each other by gently heating them with a heat gun, after which you pull them apart again.

Bone glue mixed with water is used for the preparation of canvas.

Priming plaster and canvas

Bone glue is mixed in the ratio 1-10 with hot water approx. 65 °, and is stirred frequently during use.

As wood glue

Mix 6 parts hot water (max 65 °) to 4 parts bone glue, stir until it swells and let it heat until it has a "loose" consistency. It is also advantageous to soak water and pearl glue and let it stand for 1 hour before heating. Apply the hot glue with a brush on both the surfaces to be glued. Put the glued items in pressure approx. 12-14 hours and then let them dry for another 12-14 hours.

Shelf life when mixed

When the bone glue is mixed up with water, it must be used immediately after, as the glue after stirring with water quickly goes bad and can go into decay. Therefore, do not mix in large quantities at a time. In dry form, it has unlimited shelf life.

Miscibility with colors

Can be mix with all colors/pigments.


As a binder in glue color 2-3 hours, as glue for carpentry work 14-28 hours.


Bone glue must be stored dry, as otherwise mold formation is possible.



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