Gluepaint White

    Gluepaint White

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    Gluepaint White



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    Limfarve Engelsk


    Glue paint is a simple and aqueous product that does not contain dangerous solvents, and it is therefore quite safe to paint with. It appears full matt, solid white and with a textured whitewashed look. Glue-colored surfaces reflect light in a beautiful, soft and velvety way because the color pigments are out in the surface. In addition, the glue color's completely steam-open character (Diffusion open), which ensures the best possible moisture balance in walls and ceilings - and thus a better indoor climate.



    Glue paint can be used for walls and ceilings, but the substrate must be light to moderately absorbent, such as plaster, plasterboard, glass fabric, wallpaper and untreated wood. All in all, on an even and uniform absorbent and smooth surface. If in doubt about the sustainability of the substrate, try wetting the surface with water and see if it pulls / sucks into the substrate.



    The glue paint is stirred up with water 1: 1. Pour the right amount of water into the bucket and add the dry mixture little by little while stirring until a lump-free consistency is achieved.


    The glue paint should preferably stand for 24 hours and draw, and then be stirred again before it is applied.


    3000g of glue paint is added to 6500g liters of water. (gives 8 liters of finished paint)


    1500g of glue paint is added to 3250g liters of water. (gives 4 liters of finished paint)


    You can possibly pre-moisten the wall / ceiling before applying the glue paint. Completely raw walls can also be primed with Boneglue primer or a soap solution



    Apply with a good wide flat brush. The layers must be applied evenly - neither too thin nor too thick. If the glue color is strong the color pigment it requires some practice to for a uniform expression. The glue paint dries up quickly, so you have to paint wet in wet and from edge to edge, corner to corner without breaks in the work.


    Paint in long uniform strokes, and without too much paint on the brush at a time, the paint should sit in the "" tip "of the brush so you get the best result. Always finish with long strokes from the bottom up (walls), on ceilings painted against the light from the windows.


    Glue paint is not suitable for rooms and surfaces where there can be a lot of wear, eg hallways, children's rooms, over kitchen tables, stoves and the like. since it does not have a strong surface.


    Glue paint can be washed down with cold water and sponge if you want to apply a new paint, for example, or you want a different look on the wall or ceiling.



    Adhesive color can be tinted in light and medium colors with color pigment if desired (The pigments are soaked in water to a paste, and then stirred into the paint), but the darker the color, the greater the possibility that it can spread. Make evt. a sample coat to tone you down on the color, and to sense how much color pigment the paint can "wear".




    Approx. 6-8m2 per liter, The adhesive color Apply in 1-2 layers, depending on the nature of the substrate.


    Drying time 

    Approx. 2 hours



    Chalk, Titanium Dioxide, Methylcellulose, Does NOT contain MI ((methylisothiazolinone) or any type of VOC.

    MAL code 00-1

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