Alizarin Crimson

    Alizarin Crimson

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    Alizarin Crimson 100g - 5000g  



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    Alizarin Crimson


    Alizarin Crimson is a synthetically produced, organic color pigment with a cool red tone.


    The pigment is named after the natural organic dye Alizarin, which is found in the roots of the plant "madder" (Krap - rubia tinctorum) which has been used as a dye long ago. The roots of the plant were dried and crushed afterwards, so that a strong red dye was obtained from it. Today, the pigment is most often artificially produced.


    Alizarin Crimson is a very fine-grained and "vibrant" pigment that can be a little tricky to handle.


    Alizarin Crimson is to some extent light, - oil, - water, - and calcareous.




    is 5-6 on a scale of 1 to 8 (where 8 is full lightfastness)


    Color power








    Miscibility with other colors


    Can be mixed with all colors.




    Can be used with all binders.


    Areas of application


    Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Has good weather resistance.




    The pigment is termed as non-toxic, but since the pigment is very fine-grained and colorful, it is recommended to use a dust mask and gloves.

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