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Beeswax Wash

Beeswax wash for walls is a very fragrant, watery, transparent paint based on beeswax, water and pigments.

The wash is a definite decorative paint, which gives quite different light and color play than solid paint. Walls painted with beeswax wash get a slightly nuanced and vibrant expression, which gives both lightness, depth and intensity. The paint is applied on a matte, white base and due to the transparency of the wash, the white background shines through the color and gives both contrast, but also light and lightness to the painted surface.


The Wash colors can be worked on the wall in a myriad of ways and the expression will vary depending on the technique.

The beeswax colors are available in a very large selection from the very bright and light to the very intense and powerful colors.

The paint does not contain MI or any kind of VOC.

Beeswax Wash

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