Oil Paint

Decorfarver has extensive experience with linseed oil paints and a large selection of colors. Our catalog contains over 200 standard colors.


Linseed oil paint has been used since the 17th century to effectively color and protect doors, windows and other woodwork. There are windows and gates all over the country that are still in use after more than a hundred years because they have always been treated with linseed oil paint.


Linseed oil paints are made from natural oils from pressed flaxseeds and tinted with crushed or oil-resistant mineral pigments. The oil in the paint penetrates and expands in the woodwork. This gives the paint an incomparable bonding ability and the surface thereby achieves high abrasion resistance. The color itself settles on the surface, bound by the oil and protects against the breakdown of light. The surface is kept open to diffusion so that the wood can release moisture. Therefore, one will rarely see rot damage in linseed oil painted woodwork. The paint protects, but it does not suffocate the wood. Linseed oil paint is therefore still the preferred choice for consultants and painters who want a great result that lasts for generations with a minimum of maintenance.


It requires a bit of instruction to paint with linseed oil paints. At decorfarver, we show you how to get the best result.  For a surcharge, we also mix special colors based on your specific wishes.


Oil Paint

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